Maya Rudolph Plus One

Motherhood should be a piece of cake the third time around for Maya Rudolph. The comical and beautiful actress recently starred in the movie “Bridesmaids” and can be seen on episodes of SNL as well. Juggling life as a fulltime mother and actress may not always be easy but little surprises along the way make it all worthwhile. She and Paul Thomas Anderson, an American film director, script writer and producer share two daughters together. Pearl Minnie, born October 2005 is the older of the two and Lucille, born November 6th, 2009 will not be the youngest for long. Perhaps there will be a boy in the future for this growing family but whatever the turnout may be, the best of luck goes out to Maya and Paul!

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  1. Grade A stuff. I’m unqeustinaboly in your debt.

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