Paul Staley – “It’s payback for my past”

Lead singer and guitarist of Kiss, Paul Staley, welcomed the arrival of his second daughter, Emily Grace, on August 9th. The newborn joins older siblings Sarah Brianna, 2 ½, Colin Michael 4 ½, Staley’s children with wife Erin, and eldest brother, 17 year old Evan Shane, the rocker’s first born from a previous relationship.
While rock stars always have had a bad rep for partying hard, there is obviously something about fatherhood, especially to a baby girl, that will make a man change his ways. How does the once ‘bad boy’ rocker feel about having daughter’s now added to his family? “I always say I’ve learned that girls are God’s revenge,” he jokes to People Magazine. “It’s payback for my past.”
Although we are not expecting this to occur in the near future, we will keep a look out for stories on his daughter’s first dates when they hit the proper age.

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