The Jorge Posada Foundation

Celebrities undoubtedly receive a bunch of attention every day from fans and the media. But nothing draws more attention to a celebrity than a part with their money. It isn’t every day that a celebrity is seen giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable foundations, or building a foundation from the ground up which is exactly what No. 20, catcher for the New York Yankees has done. Jorge Posada has accomplished a lot through his 16 year career as a ball player. Despite having the most home runs than any other catcher in baseball history, Jorge’s greatest accomplishment to date has been the creation of The Jorge Posada Foundation. Started nearly two decades ago, the foundation has raised money and awareness for a disability that has hit close to home for the Posada family.

In November of 1999, Jorge and wife Laura gave birth to their first child; Jorge Luis Posada Jr. Life was great for the first time parents. Jorge was a star catcher for the Yank’s and played through two victorious World Series wins and Laura was a very successful lawyer. Within a mere 10 days following the birth of their son, a life-threatening diagnosis was deemed likely for the couple’s new baby. Craniosyntosis, a life-threatening illness and deformation of the skull was the new condition that the couple would have to cope with for the remainder of their son’s life.
Today their son is doing well. He has undergone several surgeries but still continues to live life to the fullest. Jorge Jr. enjoys playing many different sports for the love of the games although he does not have a favorite. Because of him and his loving parents, the foundation has raised enough money to help others like him receive the adequate funding they need to help battle this condition.

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing the story of the Posada’s Foundation, born out of the love for their seriously ill son, Jorge Luis. What an amazing way for the Posada’s to bring awareness to CS!

    I have friends who are having cerebral issues with their son, and I was wondering if the Jorge Posada Foundation was strictly for CS, or for all crainial disorders. I will still share this page with my friend, but I would love to hear back from you.

    Thank you in advance….
    Sincerely, Susan Jackson

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