William Petersen – Twins!

CSI actor, William Petersen, and wife Gina Cirone have confirmed that they are proud parents to twins! The couple welcomed the little boy and girl via a surrogate on July 5th. Although the twins were born prematurely, Petersen keeps faith ad says, “The babies are doing great and are improving every day and we can’t wait for them to come home.”

58 year old Petersen is also a grandfather! His daughter, Maite, 36, has two young sons, Mazrik and Indigo. William married Gina in 2003, and while their twins remain in the hospital, we hope for the best that the little boy and girl will be in their arms soon!

One Response to William Petersen – Twins!

  1. Please can we have an update on the twins – names and health, hope they are both OK and are now home.

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