Controversy: A New Contestant on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars, a reality show airing on ABC in the United States is the American version of the British BBC television series, Strictly Come Dancing. Since the shows start in 2005, contestant pairs who have wowed viewers across the nation include, but are not limited to: race-car drivers, Olympians, football players, actors, actresses, supermodels, singers and astronauts. The thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars includes, yet again, a very diverse set of famed individuals. From Nancy Grace to Chaz Bono, the 12 unique celebrities definitely have the viewers talking.

In fact, ABC’s message boards have overflowed with negative comments about Chaz Bono’s presence on the hit TV show. Despite his outstanding performance on the shows season premier on September 19th, it seems that Bono cannot catch a break, even from well-known mother, Cher.

According to PEOPLE, Chaz admitted, “I am interested to hear what Cher thought because she thought I was not going to be able to do this.” Cher, 65, has love and support for her transgender son Chaz but was still weary about his place as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. “My family hasn’t seen this side of me before,” Bono said, “I was nervous going into it, but I was also excited. I think it went pretty well. There were certain little things that I messed up or didn’t do, but it was good and it was fun. I had a good time doing it.”

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