A True Player of the Game

Its football season again, time to rush home for Sunday and Monday night football games. Whether you are awaiting the infamous Super Bowl commercials or betting on your favorite team to win, football season remains a favorite sport to watch from home or to attend for men and women across the nation.
One player in particular has racked up quite a fan club in the past couple of years. These fans not only recognize him on the field as a Jets cornerback wearing the number 31, but better as their dad. Antonio Cromartie has taken part in the ultimate game of Life. Cromartie has fathered at least nine children with eight women living in six states. That’s a tongue twister! But, life as a pro-football player is not all that it’s cracked up to be when you are better at conception than interception.
On July 2, 2010, Cromartie married Terricka Cason who starred on E!’s, “Candy Girls.” Cason gave birth to a daughter, Jerzie, in April 2010. At the age of 27, maybe Cromartie is finally ready to settle down and focus on his performance for the 2011 season rather than increasing the members in his own personal fan club.

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  1. That’s a smart answer to a dificfult question.

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