A Celebrity-Style Nursery is Only a Click Away!

There is no doubt that celebrity babies are treated like royalty by their famed parents. In this day-and-age, celebrity children are living the high life, and it shows! Check out these extreme celebrity baby nurseries that will put the average adult bedroom to shame but can be yours by logging on to BabyAge.com where similar products were found at affordable prices that will fit your budget and your style!

Ricky Martin’s Twins Nursery:

If modern is more your style, check out the crib below found at BabyAge.com. The Kosa Convertible Crib by Oggi has the perfect blend of functionality and style. The Kosa is a wonderful centerpiece for today’s modern nursery. The black and white coloring of the crib will give your nursery a classic and clean feel no matter how messy it may get!

Christina Aguilera’s Son Max’s Nursery:

Want a crib that defies the norms of the typical nursery? Check out this crib found at BabyAge.com. The Stokke Sleepi crib’s distinctive narrow oval shape creates a nest-like environment that is soft and safe, cozy and curvaceous!

Dr. Phil’s Granddaughter, Avery Elizabeth’s Nursery:

Dr. Phil and his wife gave their first grandchild a magical home away from home. The nursery’s plush pink and elegant style makes this nursery every little girl’s dream room equipped with a walk-in closet. Not too shabby for a baby! If you adore this bedroom, check out this affordable yet elegant look that could be yours at BabyAge.com!

2 Responses to A Celebrity-Style Nursery is Only a Click Away!

  1. I thought Dr. Phil and wife Robin had some good old Texas sense but after seeing this nursury I see they have went Hollywood big time.
    I hardly think this baby knows it has a walk – in closet.

  2. You’ve impressed us all with that potisng!

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