A Royal Heir to be expected in 2012?

Reports claim that the royal couple is expecting a royal heir! According to In Touch magazine, Kate is six weeks pregnant. Prince William and Kate tied the knot in April, an event that caught the attention of people around the world. Now, the “talk” of a royal heir has caught the attention of the media as well.

An insider reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are for sure expecting and are in the process of preparing three nurseries for the soon-to-be. But is it all hear-say? The couple has aided the rumors with recent actions such as their recent decision to trade their two-bedroom apartment in London for more luxurious living quarters and Kate’s polite decline of peanut paste on her visit to the United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen.

Whether the rumors are true or not, Kate will continue to be on the bump-watch list for the next few months. Check back with the Celebrity Babies Blog to see if Kate admits to the allegations. If she is pregnant, she will likely wait until that crucial 12-week scan before admitting to the rumors.

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