Rockin’ Baby Names

I bet you never knew that yesterday, February 23rd, was celebrated by some of the most famous rockers in the history of Rock n’ Roll. Johnny Winter, ranking 74th in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the top “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time,” was born on on February 23rd in 1944. Howard Jones and Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford also celebrated a birthday yesterday. In honor of these musically endowed men, here are eight baby names that might inspire you for a Rock n’ Roll baby born in the spring of 2012.


Bruce (Scottish): A man from Brieuse; one who is wellborn -Bruce Springsteen
Dylan (Welsh): Son of the sea -Bob Dylan
Jimi (Hebrew): Form of James, meaning “he who supplants” -Jimi Hendrix
Joel (Hebrew): Jehovah is God; God is willing -Billy Joel


Alice (German): Woman of nobility -Alice Cooper
Marlee (English): Of the marshy meadow -Bob Marley
Page (English): A young assistant -Jimmy Page
Ramona (Spanish): Feminine form of Ramon; one who offers wise protection -The Ramones

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  1. najszliczniejsze dzieci to mają lorenzo lamas melanie griffith michael jackson shayne lamas i jean claude van dame

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