A True Gift for the True Blood Actress, Anna Paquin

True Blood is more than just a hit series to the shows co-stars Anna Paquin, 29, and Stephen Moyer; it is a tribute to the start of a flourishing relationship. On August of 2010, Paquin and Moyer tied the knot, making their off stage romance official.

On April 17th of 2012, the actress’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple was in fact expecting their first child together. The new addition will be joined by half-siblings, Lilac, 10, and Billy, 12, from Moyer’s previous relationship.
The first to report the pregnancy news to loyal True Blood fans across the nation was Entertainment Weekly.

The fifth season of True Blood will welcome the soon-to-be parents, Sookie and Bill, on the June 10th, 2012 season premiere on HBO.

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