Unforgettable News for the Expectant Mom… of Twins!

Daya Vaidya, 38, and husband Don Wallace are expecting baby’s No. two and three this July! According to Vaidya’s rep, the Unforgettable actress is pregnant with identical twin boys. The new double bundles will be welcomed by big sister, Leela Grace, 2 ½.

“We are beyond excited and doing great,” Vaidya Tweeted. “Just got back from an ultrasound and they’re looking good! Soooo happy!”

The soon-to-be mother to twins recalls her first pregnancy, looking back on a few of the most memorable moments: “The first time I held her,” she said. “More recently when Leela said ‘I love you mommy.’”

Check back with this blog daily as we await the little Simpson soon-to-be!

One Response to Unforgettable News for the Expectant Mom… of Twins!

  1. Warm blessings to the sweet family! Leela will be very happy to have two cute younger brothers. Looking forward to the sweet July.

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