Drew Barrymore’s Pregnancy Allegations: Growing By the Day

A growing belly for Drew Barrymore has media swarming in speculation of a pregnancy that has been kept under wraps for far too long. The 37-year-old actress continues to deny pregnancy allegations despite the recent pictures of her ‘all too flowey’ attire.

She and Fiancé Will Kopelman were spotted out and about this week. Barrymore wore a loose fitting shirt, steering away from the dark colors that would mask her growing midsection. Maybe she actually wants fans to wonder if she is pregnant before it becomes impossible to hide.

Although the couple has not announced the news of their pregnancy yet, sources told PEOPLE magazine that the two enjoyed a combined wedding and baby shower at the end of April in Los Angeles.

On behalf of, congratulations to the beautiful couple and the soon to be Kopelman-Barrymore baby, (we hope)!

One Response to Drew Barrymore’s Pregnancy Allegations: Growing By the Day

  1. Good luck to her – I think she deserves a little happiness now that she has matured a little. From a wild child to responsible Mum -eh!

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