Oggi Elevation: A Pillow Worthy of Stardom!

Introducing a pillow that is worthy of celebrity status. The Oggi Elevation Complete Body Positioning System is here and ready to take comfort and a great night’s sleep to a whole new level.
The Oggi Elevation Complete Body Positioning System has a curve shaped, shoulder support design that contours to the shoulder and provides a soft sleep. The wedged support provides a perfect angle to fall into. Say goodbye to those sleepless nights with the Oggi™ Elevation Complete Body Positioning System. With a patent pending “Slumber Science Technology”, The Oggi Elevation was engineered for you to sleep like a baby.

This product is available in an array of colors fit for stardom.
•    Color Blueberry
•    Color Kiwi
•    Color Latte
•    Color Quilted White
•    Color Watermelon

Here are a few words from CEO of, Jack Kiefer.
“I have been designing this product for over a year, and am ecstatic to finally bring the Oggi Elevation it to market. I need to thanks my wife and my lab of pregnant and medically afflicted testers. This product was designed to help pregnant women and others with medical afflictions or conditions get a good night’s sleep. With a complex set of chambers accompanied by a foundational wedge, this Patent Pending product is the first of its kind to be introduced the notion of elevation in concert with body positioning. I sincerely hope you enjoy the product, and achieve restful sleep.” – Jack Kiefer
While Jack doesn’t regularly walk the red carpet, anyone with a need for a good nights sleep is sure to see him as a celebrity with the introduction of this pillow.
Learn more and get your Oggi Elevation from, today!

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