Harper Beckham, Britain’s Most Stylish?

It’s no surprise to expect high fashion from Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper Seven. Her mom is Posh Spice, after all, and who hasn’t seen the Armani ads David Beckham did? Harper was recently voted to be Britain’s most stylish kid, and though she almost definitely doesn’t even know what that means, who could disagree?

The contest was run by a popular U.K. baby store My1stYears.com, who is no stranger to the Beckham family. Well, they might find the company somewhat strange—this isn’t the first time the website has gotten itself some Beckham attention. A letter was sent to the Beckhams in April of 2012 offering Harper her first modeling gig as the new face of My1stYears.com. Was it just a cute way to put the idea into the minds of the universe, or a little bit creepy?

Creepy or cute, the Beckhams decided to let Harper explore being a baby a bit more and declined the offer. The website recently put together a list of stylish celeb kids, and then left the results of the race up to voters. Harper won by a narrow margin of 1%, beating Britain’s Got Talent host Amanda Holden’s daughter, Hollie Rose.

Other celeb tots to make the list are Blue Ivy Carter, Suri Cruise, and Mason Disick, the only boy who made the cut. Internet commenters are questioning the validity of the list, stating Blue Ivy rarely steps outside in anything nicer than a blanket. Is this really an argument we’re going to have? What’s the thread count on that blanket?

Holden congratulated the Beckham baby with a friendly tweet, ending with “The MITTS are off!!!”

Somehow, we think Harper will be okay.

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