Celebrity Babies Taking Their First Steps

It’s already happening. They seem like they were just born, but they’re already walking. Congratulations are in order for Willow Hart and Harper Beckham! Both of the baby celebs were recently photographed walking on their own, as if it’s no big deal!

Willow Hart dawned a pair of pink Chucks as she walked in New York City holding her mom’s hand. She just turned 13-monts old after celebrating her first birthday on June 2. How much longer until she’s riding her own BMX bike with her dad? We’ve already seen here riding on the front of bikes with Carey Hart and her mom! She is growing up so fast.

Harper Beckham set the same milestone this week as she was also photographed walking around holding mom’s hand. Victoria Beckham and Harper were at a fashion show in Dublin when the photo snapped of Harper and mom walking hand in hand. She has not been seen walking yet publicly, either, and those steps likely made her steal the entire Dublin fashion show.

When Posh Spice wasn’t walking delightedly at the side of her daughter, she posed for pictures with fans attending the fashion show, which she referred to as “super young fashionistas” on her Twitter page. Both her and Harper wore dark dresses with matching shoes—surely their coordination was no accident.

Pink has already said she can’t wait to bring her daughter on tour. Harper was born into a family legacy of style and athleticism, and they’re growing so fast!

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