Amy Poehler Shows Off Her Boys; Gets Political!

What has Amy Poehler been up to lately? When she’s not hanging out with “Saturday Night Live” friends or shooting for “Parks and Recreation,” Poehler is mom to two little boys! Along with her husband, Will Arnett, the comedy duo have (almost!) 4-year-old Archie and 2-year-old Abel to stroll with around the town.

Poehler and Arnett were spotted out with their boys, who rocked shorts similar to one another. It almost looks like each of their sons looks exactly like one of their parents! Archie has blonde hair and looks more like Amy, while Abel is a redhead who definitely has his dad’s eyes. We wonder if both of the boys will be just as tall as Will? The family looks great together.

Amy recently made headlines with her public service announcement regarding domestic workers and childcare providers. When voters hit the polls this year, California residents will have the opportunity to vote on a bill that would provide domestic workers with the same conditions other workers are given, such as regular breaks and overtime pay. Poehler was quoted saying, “I am an actor, a mother, and a working woman, and many people ask me how I balance it all. The truth is that it would not be possible for me to do all of those things without the help that I get in my home.”

Arnett is busy himself with the return of “Arrested Development” being filmed for its long-anticipated return. It’s great to see Amy voicing her support for the workers that help keep her family going with their entertainment lives!

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