Tori Spelling has Baby Number Four!

It’s been quite the week for celebrity babies! There’s still one more day left in August—anyone else? Tori Spelling went into labor on Aug. 30, giving birth to her fourth child and second son. The “Craft Wars” host announced the new arrival herself via Twitter when she said, “It’s a boy!!!!” She included a picture of one her son’s first photos, a snap of his hand holding onto her finger.

Just a few hours before announcing her son’s arrival, Tori said that she was picking out which fabric she would use to make her hospital gown for the baby’s delivery. We wonder if she had time to get that far? There’s been speculation that baby number 4 will be the last for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, though Tori has said that both she and her husband love when she is pregnant.

As with her other children, Spelling gave the new baby a perfectly cute name. Stella, Liam and Hattie are now joined by their new baby brother, Finn Davey. Davey is the same middle name that Tori has, as reported, and is in honor of Spelling’s paternal grandfather.

This pregnancy came at a bit of a surprise to Spelling—she announced she was expecting just five months after giving birth to Hattie. Spelling told US Weekly that being pregnant again so quickly after Hattie was born made it seem like she was in a constant state of pregnancy to her older children, Liam and Stella. She also spilled that pillow fights are a family favorite in the Spelling/McDermott household, which is something she will be able to participate in now that Finn has been born!

Spelling told the magazine that this will probably be her last pregnancy. We’ll follow up in five months to find out!

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