Reese Witherspoon Actually Expecting a Girl?

We feel like this question comes up a lot—but it seems like celebrities really are pregnant forever. How long has it been since Reese Witherspoon announced she and Jim Toth were expecting? How many times have we been told she is in labor, only to see her walking around balancing frozen yogurt on her still obviously pregnant belly? According to the Internet, she should have had like six kids by now. Considering our own anticipation, we can’t imagine how Reese and her family must actually be feeling.

The latest baby buzz surrounding the actress isn’t about whether she’s gone into labor, though. It’s better! Apparently, the family can look forward to welcoming a new baby boy! Reese already has two children, Ava and Deacon, with her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe. This will be the first child for Jim Toth, who married Reese in 2011. But what if this latest Reese-ism is just like the rest? Maybe she’s actually expecting a baby girl, since every time we hear she’s gone into labor, she actually hasn’t!

A lot of the moms we’ve seen recently have gotten weighed down by their lengthy pregnancies. We think it would be totally understandable to not want to get dressed up and take a dinner date with the whole family, but not Reese! She was seen rocking a little black dress, baby bump included, while walking into a California restaurant with Deacon, Ava and her husband. Deacon was looking quite dapper for his nine-year-old self! And Ava is practically a miniature version of her mom—the resemblance is crazy!

Here’s to hoping that the next time we hear about Reese going into labor, there’s a new baby brother or sister to meet. Or that Reese is out and about with her family, because it seems like this pregnancy isn’t phasing her one bit!

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