Did Halle Berry & Aubry Reconcile at the Pumpkin Patch?

Of all the pumpkin patches in Califorina…

Halle Berry and Nahla are getting into the fall swing of things! And Gabriel Aubry, too? Has the couple let the crisp air cool off their previous custody battle feuds for a day at the pumpkin patch with their little girl? We’re not sure.

Nahla’s parents separated in 2010, two years after she was born. Both Berry and Aubry have been making headlines since August when Halle petitioned the court to allow her to move with Nahla to France, a place with much stricter paparazzi laws than practiced in the US.  In France, photographers are legally prohibited from photographing celebrities who don’t want pictures taken. Berry feels this would be a much more comfortable environment for Nahla to grow up in, but Aubry doesn’t want his daughter to move out of the United States.

Their custody battle hasn’t been easy for either parent, with a court ruling Berry should pay Aubry $20,000 a month in child support. Berry has had several life threatening scares with over-adoring fans (“fans” is obviously not the right word), and sites her discomfort that one of her alleged stalkers has been released from his prison sentence. We can understand Berry wanting to leave the country because of that as well as being able to live without the burden of photographers, but we also understand Aubry still wanting to be a part of his daughter’s life.

Berry is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she has been looking for rental homes with in California despite the petition to move to France. What if new run-ins with the public occur in France? Why can’t she move her daughter to a more low profile location in the US that can still be accessed by Aubry? We can totally understand both sides of the argument, and that’s probably why the court case has been so drawn out.

We’re glad to see Nahla enjoying herself at the pumpkin patch, it seems like the battle between her parents isn’t falling on her at all. It seems more like Berry and Aubry might have just happened to be at the same pumpkin patch at the same time, but here’s to Nahla getting to have some fall fun with both parents?

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