The Oggi® Elevation – A Pregnancy Pillow Favorite

We just told you about Tamera Mowry’s pregnancy lasting a full two weeks past her projected due date—can you imagine? Most moms find themselves struggling to stay comfortable within the early stages of pregnancy, and having to find ways to cope even longer must have been difficult.

We don’t know if Tamera used a pregnancy pillow—but if not, it might have made the extra weeks a bit more manageable. Now that her son has been born, we’re sure she would still love laying down with the pillow, even if it’s just the few minutes new parents get to rest after having a new baby!

Oggi® makes several pillows to suit everyone’s sleeping style, pregnant mom or average Joe. Each pillow is designed to elevate the body in a comfortably aligning position while providing support where it’s needed most. Necks, spines, hips and backs have been resting much easier since the Oggi® introduction, and moms and dads alike are both reporting to finally be able to stay asleep.

The Oggi® Elevation combines the comfort of a body pillow with a traditional sleeping area. The wedge pillow at the top is connected on both sides, which taper off to an opening at the bottom. Each side curves to naturally fit your body, including unmatched shoulder support for comfortable side sleeping. The Elevation is also perfect for lumbar support while sitting to read or work.

If we had to guess, we would pick the Oggi® Elevation for Tamera!

Oggi® also makes a pillow with only one side for sleepers who want a bit more space—the Essential. Keeping the same standard pillow shape upper, only one side features a body-length pillow with a curved “J” shape at the bottom. This pillow also features excellent shoulder support while distributing body weight easily for a comfortable night’s rest.

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to the Oggi® Embrace. The Embrace features a similar design to the Elevation, but provides a more even sleeping area rather than the elevated wedge. This pillow can also be positioned however you like to provide the best comfort, and features the unmatched body positioning support that only Oggi® can provide.

There’s a lot to think about during a pregnancy, and sleep might seem low on the list. But being well rested is not only healthy, it means having a clearer mind and happier personality to make the important decisions that need to be made. If Tamera already wasn’t on the pregnancy pillow train, hopefully she gets one for next time!

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