Celeb Moms Giving Up Acting for Family?

What’s the newest celebrity mom trend? It’s nothing you can buy, eat or sell, but two celeb moms have spoken up about making the same plans. Angelina Jolie and Guliana Rancic have both expressed the possibility of giving up acting to spend more time with their kids.

Jolie, mother of six, said, “I think I’m going to have to give up acting as the kids hit the teenage years.” Her oldest child, Maddox, is 11-years-old, while his little brother Pax is close behind at age 9.

“I’ve enjoyed being an actress. And I am so grateful to the job,” Jolie said. Brad Pitt has shared a similar outlook, hinting that he could retire from the show business by the time he turns 50.

With so many children and philanthropic endeavors, we can totally understand both Jolie and Pitt wanting to take it easy in the upcoming years!

Giuliana Rancic shares a 3-month-old son with her husband, Bill. While discussing her return to work, Rancic said, “I knew this day was coming—that it was inevitable, but I have to be honest. I’m not ready.” She added, “Maybe I should just quit right now! I don’t want to go.”

Rancic welcomed her baby boy, Edward Duke, on Aug. 29, 2012. Fertility issues led the couple to seek a gestational surrogate for Duke, as well as the diagnosis and treatment Giuliana underwent in 2011 for breast cancer.

Giuliana and her husband seem to be loving the parent life, and they’ve expressed the possibility of adding on baby number two!

Show business seems fairly demanding—if Jolie and Rancic chose to slow down their careers in favor of family, who could blame them?

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