Are the Affleck Girls the Most ‘Normal’ Celeb Kids?

There aren’t many celebrity kids who actually get to look like kids. Violet and Seraphina Affleck, though, seem to be pros at keeping the kid-vibe alive by always acting their age. Violet was recently photographed with her mom, Jennifer Garner, running in what looks like a pale blue school uniform brilliantly paired with pink Velcro high tops.

She and her mom apparently had a 2-of-a-kind dinner date and weren’t afraid of  having some fun in front of the cameras. Based on most of the pictures of Violet, it seems like she picks out her own outfits and acts like any other 7-year-old girl might. Violet and her younger sister always seem full of smiles!

3-year-old Seraphina was snapped earlier this week out with her mom as well, donning the same pink sneakers her sister wore—but with a stylish pair of lilac glasses.

It looks like both girls are getting to spend some time with their mom. Garner was recently filming in New Orleans for her upcoming role in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, but it seems like she’s made her way back to Los Angeles for the holidays. Garner stars alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in the film that depicts the true story of Ron Woodroof’s struggle with HIV/AIDs medication.

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  1. Maybe they are normal b/c only one works at a time. Jenn hasn’t been in much since she popped out the first kid.

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