What Does Pregnancy Mean for Simpson & Weight Watchers?

Jessica Simpson is officially pregnant! Rumors of her second pregnancy started late last month, and with no rebuttal from Simpson, the story continued to spread. After losing over 50 lbs as a Weight Watchers spokesperson, she’s used the diet platform to announce her second pregnancy—and her (temporary?) departure from the points program.

It was Simpson’s own Twitter account that broke the news initially. She tweeted a photo of her daughter, Maxwell Drew, with the words “Big Sis” written in the sand. Simpson never officially announced her first pregnancy, but the undeniable baby bump eventually did all the talking for her. Following the public scrutiny for her pregnancy weight gain and subsequent Weight Watchers weight loss, it’s no surprise she chose to publicly acknowledge her second pregnancy—especially since it means putting her diet on hold.

A rep for the diet company relayed that Simpson will not be following the program throughout her pregnancy, and added, “After she gives birth, Jessica and her doctor will decide when she may resume following the Weight Watchers program.”

In a new commercial, Simpson says to “expect amazing,” and she’s doing just that! Weight Watchers might have different results in mind, but Jessica has a new baby on the way to look forward to.

Simpson told Katie Couric she was surprised when the weight didn’t disappear during child birth. Having had that experience and her last few months of eating right and slimming down, we think she’ll keep a more health conscious mind this time around!

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  1. She looks good in the WW ads that are on TV now. I am sure that after the baby WW will offer he a load of cash again, however, maybe this time they will put a rider in the contract that spells out the weight loss schedule. She has been accused of not losing enough weight in enough time.

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