Kris Allen & Family in Car Accident

Add Kris Allen to the list of celebrity parents expecting a baby in 2013! The former “American Idol” winner recently announced that he and his wife, Katy, are expecting to have a baby this year. The circumstances of his announcement were a little less than average though—it came coupled with news of a serious car accident he and his wife were in.

This probably wasn’t the New Year Allen and his family expected, and the couple probably had different announcements in mind.  Allen originally tweeted, “Thank you @ford for equipping me with a car that kept my whole family @katyallen @ZorroPup and the little one we have on the way safe.” He later said, “Yes I got in a really bad wreck tonight and yes I’m having a lil baby. #gonnabeadaddy”

After posting a photo of the damaged car Allen’s family was riding in, it’s a relief to know everyone is safe and Allen himself suffered only a broken wrist. Both Katy and the couple’s dog are doing just fine.

Allen also recently announced his “Out Alive” tour, a name that he strategically used to describe escaping from his vehicle. According to his Twitter feed, the tour is still on, and he’s got plenty to celebrate. New tour, healthy family and a baby on the way!

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