Jillian Michaels’ Son Is a Mini Her

Most of the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” love Jillian Michaels, but they also fear the hardcore trainer. What could be scarier than one Jillian Michaels in “The Biggest Loser” gym? Adding a miniature version of her! According to Michaels, that’s exactly how her son behaves, much to the surprise of Michaels and her partner, Heidi Rhoades.  

Michaels and Rhoades were almost overwhelmed when their son, Phoenix, was born just four days before Michaels flew to Haiti to bring home their adopted daughter, Lukensia. Since Rhoades delivered Phoenix, Michaels expected the couple’s son to have the laidback demeanor of her partner. Apparently, he’s quite the opposite! “He’s a fiery little sucker, he’s just like me. I’m like, ‘You were supposed to be like Heidi!’ But he’s not. It’s not good, not good,’” she said.

At not even one year old, he’s already taking after his fabulously fit mom by crawling around earlier than the couple expected. Michaels said, “He’s into everything, which is kind of a nightmare to be totally honest.” Can we expect to see him on his mother’s side in the gym? Michaels says that she can see her son’s frustration in not being able to do everything the rest of the family does.  “He wants to do so much that he’s physically not capable of.”

While he’s trying to walk on his own, Lukensia isn’t wasting any time on keeping active, either. Michaels revealed that the three-year-old has already started taking skiing lessons, and may have even had a crush on her ski instructor! “At first I was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re letting our baby go!’” Michaels said.

It sounds like both Phoenix and Lukensia are getting to experience plenty of moving around, and Jillian are Heidi are in for the time of their lives raising both kids!

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