Kristin Cavallari on Breastfeeding Camden Jack

The breastfeeding debate is a hot topic among moms and health professionals worldwide. Stating that formula-fed babies miss out on nutrients and benefits breastfed babies receive, it’s not uncommon for parents who favor formula to be scrutinized. Celeb mom Kristin Cavallari breastfed her son, Camden Jack, until she recently made a switch—and it wasn’t to formula. 

Cavallari has spoken frequently about how much she loves being a new mom. During an interview with HollywoodLife.com, Cavallari described motherhood as “the best thing in the world.” She also revealed that she plans on having more children, though she isn’t in a rush to get pregnant again. We can’t blame her; Camden is nearly 6 months old. 

While she loves being a mom, breastfeeding proved to be the only drawback Cavallari seems to have encountered. “It’s not the labor, it’s not the pregnancy, it’s the breastfeeding,” she said. Cavallari explained that she breastfed up until recently, when she and her fiancé, Jay Cutler, decided to switch their baby boy to goat milk instead. “There’s nothing wrong with formula, but I just felt like goat milk was the closest thing to breast milk,” she said.

Cavallari explained that it wasn’t a simple decision for her to decide to stop breastfeeding. “It’s not because I wanted to stop, I was only pumping towards the end. I felt like it was starting to dry my milk supply up and it was stressing me.” 

According to an interview with People, Camden is already starting to eat regular food as well. “He’s had everything: peas, broccoli, zucchini carrots and avocados. He absolutely loves avocados!”

We can’t believe how fast Camden is already growing up! “The only way to describe him is the word ‘sweetheart,’” Cavallari said.

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