What Did Cam Gigandet Name His Son?

It’s a boy! Cam Gigandet and his fiancée, Dominque Geisendorff welcomed a son on Jan. 23. Gigandet’s rep confirmed the good news to JustJared, and said “All are healthy and happy.”

Already parents to Everleigh, Gigandet’s son is joining the family with a 3-year-old big sister. He and his fiancée named their little boy Rekker Radley, who weighed in at 9.9 lb!

You might remember Gigandet from his role on “The O.C.,” where he played a bad boy who befriends Marissa Cooper. One of his earlier films kept a similar theme, as he appeared as fighting champion Ryan McCarthy in Never Back Down. In reality, his demeanor couldn’t be more different than those two roles—though he does enjoy martial arts.

According to Wikipedia, Gigandet keeps himself in shape by practicing Krav Maga, which is a form of self-defense martial arts. He would have to stay physically fit to keep landing roles as the fighting bad boy type! Did his interest in Krav Maga have anything to do with Rekker’s name? We think it totally fits!

Gigandet also appeared in the Twilight series as James, a tracker vampire. Keeping true to his earlier work, Cam won an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight—one that he shared on screen with Robert Pattinson!

We’re sure the family loves having the new addition at home—congrats to Cam and Dominoque!

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