Backstreet Boys’ Newest Addition

Welcome to the newest Backstreet Boy on the block! Howie Dorough and his wife, Leigh, welcomed their second child on Feb. 16. Sounds like the best late Valentine’s Day gift they could have asked for!

Dorough confirmed the big news himself to People. He said, “My beautiful wife Leigh and I are so proud to welcome our son to the world.” The couple named him Holden John, and he joins his 3-year-old brother, James Hoke. Seems like Howie and Leigh gave the brothers mirrored initials!

Holden was set to arrive on Feb. 19, but he came a few days early. Dorough confirmed the little guy’s weight at 6 lbs. 15 oz. “Leigh is such an incredible woman and mother, and our son is so excited to have a baby brother. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family.”

Dorough and his wife married on Dec. 8 of 2007. At 39-years-old, we’d say Howie is living life to the fullest! Rumor has it that the Backstreet Boys will be releasing a new album later this year as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. The boys are also set to tour with a few days in China starting in late May.

We’re not sure if Dorough will want to travel with his newest little guy yet, but if there’s a new album in the works, Holden may get to join the rest of the Backstreet fam on the road.

Congrats to Howie and Leigh!

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