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Anthony and Huma Welcome Son Jordan

After the former congressman Anthony Weiner endured several weeks of harsh criticism from both the media and the public, news of his wife’s pregnancy leaked through all forms of communication. Just 10 days before the start of the New Year, sources close to Weiner announced that the couple, once on the verge of breaking, welcomed a baby boy to their family. Weiner, 47, and Abedin, 36, have named their child Jordan Zain Weiner.

Though it remains unclear as to where Weiner’s future lies as a political figure, Abedin seems to be doing just fine as an aide to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.… Continue reading


It’s a Hard-Knock Life for Anthony Weiner

Have you watched the news lately? If so you have probably heard about the Anthony Weiner scandal. The media has been swarming around the Congressman since he admitted to sexting nearly six women over a three-year period. Shortly after admitting to his offensive behavior, wife Huma Abedin told Weiner that they were having a baby. The media’s speculation on the couple’s marriage has put a strain on their relationship. Maybe the introduction of good news to the oh-so bad incidences that have recently occurred will steer the media away from Weiner’s wrongdoings.… Continue reading