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“Modern Family” Kids Rule the SAG Awards

It was a Pritchett, Dunphy, Tucker, Delgado, Tucker-Pritchett kind of night! The “Modern Family” cast took home the SAG award for the best television comedy cast, and we couldn’t agree more! Functioning as a fake extended family should, cast members tweeted and shared photos of the night as the ceremony took place. 

One of our favorite photos of the night comes from two of the funniest ladies on television, Sofia Vergara and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Vergera’s granddaughter (not that anyone would ever call Gloria a grandmother).… Continue reading


“Modern Family” Star to Enroll in High School?

It was a crazy end of the year for Ariel Winter, but it seems like 2013 is moving in a positive direction for the teen actress. After lying to rest (for now) the guardianship battle between her mother and sister, it seems like she’s settling in to living with her big sis just fine. According to the Huffington Post, Winter is set to take classes in high school for the first time ever.

After seeing her on “Modern Family” and reading about her legal woes, it’s almost easy to forget that Winter is still a kid—she’s only 14.… Continue reading


Ariel Winter’s Guardianship Hearing Gets Postponed?

It seems like the legal drama surrounding 14-year-old “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is far from over. We were hoping it would be an easy custody decision for the court to determine, but it’s turning into anything but that. Originally slated for Nov. 20, the hearing scheduled to determine where Ariel would reside has rescheduled following input from her father and older brother, Jimmy.

We didn’t hear much about Winter’s private life until her original abuse allegations went public. Since then, she has been temporarily placed in the care of her older sister, Shanelle, while the pending abuse charges against her mother, Chris, are investigated.… Continue reading


Has This Modern Family Star Been Living with an Abusive Mom?

We usually like to post about good news and celebrity babies doing their thing, but this is one of our least favorite topics. Not quite a baby but hardly an adult, Ariel Winter finds herself amidst a struggle for her mother to relinquish parental rights over abuse allegations from the teenaged actress. Winter is better known as Alex, the witty, sarcastic sister on ABC’s “Modern Family.”

Ariel’s mother, Chris Workman, denies having ever abused her daughter, but 14-year-old Ariel has been temporarily placed in her older sister’s care.… Continue reading