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Quality Father Daughter Time for Ben Affleck and Daughters Violet and Seraphina

Just in time for Father’s Day, superstar and super dad, father of three with wife Jennifer Gardner, talked to Extra and US Weekly about his positive experience being a dad and whether there are more little ones in the cards.  About his current role as father to Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 15 months, Affleck told Us, “Raising kids is the greatest thing I think a person, or at least I, could ever do in my life.  I know what the best part of my life is and it’s my kids and it doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that aren’t great, but I know sort of what the center is”.  It’s nice to know that in spite of his recent success, including winning an Academy Award for Argo; Affleck has kept his family as his focus.  However, as for having any more, Affleck quickly quashed that idea, telling Extra, “That’s not going to happen.  We’re in a really good place.… Continue reading


Daughter Helps Affleck Win Award Following Oscars Upset

Ben Affleck’s Oscar snub just got a bit less worse. After the release of this year’s nominees, one of the most popular upsets was the star dad’s lack of a nom for his director role in feature film, Argo. With the help of his daughter, though, he walked away proudly last night with the Critic’s Choice Award for the Best Director.

Affleck joked as he got on stage, saying, “I’d like to thank the Academy.” He did, however, thank his daughter for wishing him good luck.… Continue reading


Are the Affleck Girls the Most ‘Normal’ Celeb Kids?

There aren’t many celebrity kids who actually get to look like kids. Violet and Seraphina Affleck, though, seem to be pros at keeping the kid-vibe alive by always acting their age. Violet was recently photographed with her mom, Jennifer Garner, running in what looks like a pale blue school uniform brilliantly paired with pink Velcro high tops.

She and her mom apparently had a 2-of-a-kind dinner date and weren’t afraid of  having some fun in front of the cameras. Based on most of the pictures of Violet, it seems like she picks out her own outfits and acts like any other 7-year-old girl might.… Continue reading


Whose Car did Ben Affleck Hit?

If we told you there was a note on your windshield outside from Ben Affleck because he hit your parked car, you’d probably think it sounded more like a movie. But that’s exactly what happened to some (un?)lucky California resident. Ben was out with his two daughters, Violet and Seraphina, when he accidentally sideswiped a parked car and knocked off one of the mirrors, prompting him to leave the following note:

“Hi, knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything –Ben”

We’re sure Ben would have done the right thing anyway, but considering the accident must have happened while he was being followed by paparazzi—it prompted for some very obvious photo opportunities. Who else can say they got Ben Affleck’s autograph when he hit their car?… Continue reading


It’s a Boy for the Garner-Affleck Family!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner welcomed a new addition to their family just as February was coming to a close. A source close to the couple confirmed to PEOPLE that Ben and Jen’s new addition was born in Santa Monica California.

The couple’s third child is joined by big sister Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3. Having two little girls and now a baby boy might take time to get used to for the new mommy who recently said, “It would be so weird to have a boy.”

Congratulations Ben and Jen on your beautiful, growing family!… Continue reading