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Britney Spears Takes Her Boys to Hawaii—Will she have a new baby?










Britney’s boys must love having their mom back! We must admit to love having her back, too, of course. Sons Preston and Jayden looked like they were having a blast this Fourth of July as Britney and her boys, including fiancé Jason Trawick, celebrated the holiday in Hawaii.

Brit tweeted a family shot showing Preston and Jayden in matching button downs that are perfect for Hawaii with the caption, “Happy 4th of July from the Aloha State!”

News of her engagement to former agent, Trawick, broke in December of 2011.… Continue reading


K Fed’s Plans to Keep sons Jayden and Sean “Grounded”

According to a report published by The Herald Sun, Kevin Federline admits that his two sons with former wife Britney Spears have missed out on a lot in their first few years because of their busy parents. To keep the boys grounded, Federline has come up with a new approach on raising his star-studded boys, “Now we’ve both agreed that this is it, they are going to be at school and learn what it’s like to be part of society as normal kids.”

He has also planned for the two to attribute to their community by working at a fast food joint as their first gig.… Continue reading


Crazy Celebrity Cravings

There is no doubt about it that this year began with a few a kicks. Baby kicks that is, in the stomachs of our favorite celebrity mommies and mommies-to-be! But much more was going on in their growing baby bumps. A craving for the most absurd and unheard of food combinations that quenched the hunger of the soon-to-be celebrity cuties lurked and here is what they craved:


Jay-Z has his work cut out for him as he gets ready to be a first time father to his soon-to-be.… Continue reading