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Drew Barrymore’s Second Pregnancy


Drew Barrymore has revealed that pregnancy does not necessarily get easier the second time around.  She explained that her two pregnancies have been “terribly different.  The first time you’re scared because you don’t know what’s happening.  The second time is hard because you’re tired because you have a toddler.”

She softened these statements with, “It’s all so worth it and important”.  She is also happy to take parenting advice from anyone and everyone to help her stay afloat such as, bathing and sleep training advice.  She said, “It’s all different weird tips –all these things I’ve picked up along the way.  I love learning all of it.”

Drew wants to try and have a sense of humor about how much you need to learn and tackle.  She wants to remain fun-loving and not be uptight about being a parent because it is the “greatest thing she has ever done in her life”.… Continue reading


Barrymore Waited How Long to Announce the Baby News?

Did Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon plan this? It seemed like both moms were pregnant for such a long time, and just like that, both have given birth! Drew Barrymore actually had her baby a day before Reese, and welcomed her first daughter on Sept. 26. We’re so happy for Drew, we think she’s going to be a terrific mom!

It’s no surprise we’re just now learning of baby Olive—Drew and her husband have been pretty private about the entire pregnancy all together.… Continue reading


Drew Barrymore’s Baby Shower, Cameron Diaz Style

Drew Barrymore Baby Shower: mission accomplished. Who else can say they were treated to a baby shower thrown by Cameron Diaz? The gal pal from when both ladies starred in the 2000 version of Charlie’s Angels put together the baby soiree. It’s been quite an action packed last few months for Barrymore, and it’s only going to get busier!

Barrymore has been photographed for months with an ever growing bump, and if recent photos are any indication, she must be getting super close to her due date.… Continue reading


Drew Barrymore’s Pregnancy Allegations: Growing By the Day

A growing belly for Drew Barrymore has media swarming in speculation of a pregnancy that has been kept under wraps for far too long. The 37-year-old actress continues to deny pregnancy allegations despite the recent pictures of her ‘all too flowey’ attire.

She and Fiancé Will Kopelman were spotted out and about this week. Barrymore wore a loose fitting shirt, steering away from the dark colors that would mask her growing midsection. Maybe she actually wants fans to wonder if she is pregnant before it becomes impossible to hide.… Continue reading


Is there a Baby on the Way for Drew Barrymore?

Take it from skeptical fans and the Paparazzi to pin a supposed pregnancy on celebrities in the spotlight. Pregnancy rumors rocked England and the U.S. when fingers were pointed at Kate Middleton who had just tied the knot with Prince William. The same can be said for Jennifer Aniston. Is she really pregnant with twins or is the media keeping an all too close eye on her with her new beau?

Drew Barrymore is under intense media speculation after she was seen leaving a doctor’s office with a sonogram in-hand last weekend.… Continue reading