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More Legal Drama! This Time for Eric Dane?

We don’t see Eric Dane enough. He should get out more. A lot more! The “Grey’s Anatomy” doc went shipping with his 2 ½-year-old daughter, Billie Beatrice, to pick up some toys at Puzzle Place. Sounds like a pretty nice afternoon to us! Considering his McSteamy reign is coming to a close and his legal issues with Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan, Dane probably loves getting to spend time with his family.

Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, live next door to Corgan and blame him for failing to heed warnings that Dane feels left his family in unnecessary danger.… Continue reading


Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Welcome a Baby Girl

According to the couple’s rep., “Rebecca and Eric welcomed Georgia Geraldine Dane on Wednesday, December 28, just in time for the New Year. Both Mom and baby girl are happy and healthy, Billie is thrilled to be a big sister, and Dad is getting ready to live in a house full of ladies!”

Dr. Mark Sloan, a.k.a “McSteamy” of the ABC hit television show; Grey’s Anatomy can add the proud parent of two beautiful girls to his list of credentials. Having stolen the hearts of women across the nation who tune into Grey’s every Thursday night, McSteamy is as much of a hunk on camera as he is off.… Continue reading