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Will His Thanksgiving Fight Make Things Worse for Nahla’s Dad?

Separation and divorce is hard on any family—and it seems like the custody issues between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are hitting an all time high. After the courts reached a verdict that Halle will not be able to move Nahla to France, where Berry’s fiancé lives, the tension escalated into a physical altercation over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The events unfolded on Thanksgiving day as Aubry brought Nahla back to her mother’s home after a holiday visit. Aubry was met by Olivier Martinez, Berry’s fiancé.… Continue reading


Halle Berry and Nahla are Court Mandated to Stay Stateside

We’ve seen some separations get ugly—especially when there’s children involved. Unfortunately for Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, their separation has been exactly that. On going since 2010, the couple has fought over custody agreements for their 4-year-old daughter, Nahla. It seems that at least one chapter in their struggle has come to a close—a court denied Halle the right to move to France with her daughter on a permanent basis.

Berry and Aubry started dating in 2005. The couple split shortly after in 2010, and their relationship ending has been anything but amicable.… Continue reading


Did Halle Berry & Aubry Reconcile at the Pumpkin Patch?

Of all the pumpkin patches in Califorina…

Halle Berry and Nahla are getting into the fall swing of things! And Gabriel Aubry, too? Has the couple let the crisp air cool off their previous custody battle feuds for a day at the pumpkin patch with their little girl? We’re not sure.

Nahla’s parents separated in 2010, two years after she was born. Both Berry and Aubry have been making headlines since August when Halle petitioned the court to allow her to move with Nahla to France, a place with much stricter paparazzi laws than practiced in the US.  In France, photographers are legally prohibited from photographing celebrities who don’t want pictures taken.… Continue reading