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Which Celeb Kid is Friends with Justin Bieber?

Which celeb kid got the star treatment last night? One lucky 3-year-old is the envy of most of the teenage population as he got to sit courtside next to none other than Justin Bieber himself. He and the Biebs watched as the Los Angeles Clippers slated another win over the Boston Celtics with a 106-77 lead.

Justin and his newfound friend watched together as the tot’s dad, a guard on the Clippers, earned 11 assists throughout the night’s game. Bieber is usually the special guest, but from the looks of last night’s photos, Justin’s friend was the star of the night.… Continue reading


Does Mariah Yeater have the Bieber Fever?

Justin Bieber, the 17-year-old heartthrob has been under intense media speculation for the past few days. Mariah Yeater, the supposed “baby momma,” is a young 20-year-old woman from California who admitted to giving birth to Biebers baby. Does Yeater have extreme Bieber fever or is she really telling the truth? Bieber responded to the rumors by tweeting, “so I’m going to ignore the rumors…and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what I love. Judge me on the music!… Continue reading