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Mark Wahlberg Wants To keep The Kids Humble

Mark-Wahlberg-Family-PhotoIn the Wahlberg house organized chaos reigns.  Mark and his wife, Rhea, have 4 children:  Ella, 10, Michael, 8, Brendan, 5, and Grace, 4.  The former rapper turned actor claims it is not easy.  But, it is how they pictured family life.

He is dreading the teenage years with the girls and claims it will not be easy for them to go on a date.

The boys are obsessed with everything sports.  There eyes are not even open in the morning and they are asking for the scores from the evening before.… Continue reading


When Did Ryan Phillippe and Mark Wahlberg Become Soccer Dads?

Male model, actor, fundraiser and soccer dad? Just a typical description for these guys! Ryan Phillippe and Mark Wahlberg and were both spotted at their kid’s games over the weekend, just hanging out on the sidelines! Phillippe might never have really been a model, but would anyone really have stopped him if he tried?

We’ve seen Deacon Phillippe at his soccer games quite a bit, usually with mom Reese Witherspoon and other family members in tow. Reese and Phillippe divorced in 2008 after their wedding in 1999, but it seems like both parents are spending plenty of time with Deacon and his sister, Ava.… Continue reading