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“Modern Family” Kids Rule the SAG Awards

It was a Pritchett, Dunphy, Tucker, Delgado, Tucker-Pritchett kind of night! The “Modern Family” cast took home the SAG award for the best television comedy cast, and we couldn’t agree more! Functioning as a fake extended family should, cast members tweeted and shared photos of the night as the ceremony took place. 

One of our favorite photos of the night comes from two of the funniest ladies on television, Sofia Vergara and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Vergera’s granddaughter (not that anyone would ever call Gloria a grandmother).… Continue reading


What does Modern Family have to do with Claire Danes?

Yellow dresses, that’s what! Oh, and winning some Emmy Awards. That too. We couldn’t be happier to see how many families rocked the Emmys last night. So some of them were on-screen families. So what?

“Modern Family” was the talk of the town as the show continued its reign by winning the Outstanding Comedy award for the third year in a row. Where would they be without Luke, Haley, Alex, Manny and Lily? And word on the possible spoiler alert street (skip to the next paragraph if you want to!) is that Gloria may be expecting a new “Modern Family” delivery?… Continue reading