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Weekend Rewind: From Birthday Celebrations to Pregnancy Allegations…Unveiled!

This weekend sparked a burst of excitement with baby news from a few of our favorite celebs. Overall, it was pretty low key compared to a few weekend recaps in the past. Let’s start off with what happened on Friday night, shall we?

1. Baby No. 2 is on its way for the beautiful and bodacious plus size model, Anansa Sims, 33, and husband David Patterson. The couple told PEOPLE about the news of their soon-to-be baby, stating: “We are very, very, excited.” Their newest addition will be welcomed by big sister, Ava, 9-months-old.… Continue reading


Nick Cannon will be Okay

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had quite a scare over the holidays. While vacationing in Aspen, Colorado with their beautiful twins, Cannon began to experience signs of kidney failure and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors described the condition as “acute kidney failure” which is a silent disease that often accompanies other disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, and anemia.

Dr. Madeleine Pahl, chief of nephrology at UC Irvine Medical Center and a specialist in kidney disorders says, “Almost every organ in your body, every system is affected,” she said.  “So you are retaining fluid and you might swell.” This did not stop Carey from hopping into bed with her love and snuggling up by his side.… Continue reading