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Sandra Bullock and Louis at the Super Bowl

Louis Bullock is one celeb kid who got to witness the game of a lifetime! He attended Super Bowl XXLVI along with his mom, Sandra Bullock, to cheer on the Baltimore Ravens. Bullock joined the real life Tuohy family, the family portrayed in The Blind Side for taking in number 74 on the Ravens, Michael Oher, before he became a professional athlete.

Bullock played the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, Oher’s adoptive mother in the film. She joined the real Tuohy family to watch Oher and the rest of the Ravens defeat the 49ers, keeping tradition of staying involved in Oher’s professional career.… Continue reading


Sandra Bullock Looking to Adopt, Again!

Word on the street is that the Oscar-winning single mother, Sandra Bullock, is talking of adopting a second child—a girl!

With 2-year-old Louis starting pre-school, Bullock has realized that the time has come to consider growing her wonderful little family. According to a close friend of Bullocks, “She’s excited and has been talking to Louis about the idea.”

The source also confirmed to OK! magazine, “Ever since she first brought baby Louis into her life, Sandra said he’s her greatest achievement.” The 47-year old actress and mother to soon-to-be two is doing just fine.… Continue reading