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Jessica Simpson’s Weight Debate








Jessica Simpson’s baby weight has been the ire of many, whether it’s those saying she’s gained too much, or the defense telling critics to back off. Snooki was quoted by Us magazine saying, “I would die if I were her size.” It must be difficult enough just to be pregnant in the public eye, but hearing debates about personal weight gain is probably a whole different experience.

The latest slam at Simpson came from celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, who feels that Simpson could have been working out throughout her pregnancy.… Continue reading


First Mariah Carey, now Jessica Simpson

How do celebrity moms tend to look better after pregnancy than they did before having a child? There is no doubt that being under intense scrutiny by adoring fans and the mass media has something to do with how fast these hot celebrity moms whip themselves back into shape. The transformation from pregnancy to slim and trim celebrity mom happens within the matter of months and sometimes even weeks.

It is reported that Jessica Simpson has just signed a deal with Weight Watchers worth an alleged $3 million to be the new spokeswoman.… Continue reading