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Willow Hart and Jack Osbourne–Ghostbusters?

Willow Hart and Jack Osbourne have something in common, and it’s not a play date with Pearl—it’s a play date with the unknown. Pink recently revealed that she thinks her one-year-old daughter can see and communicate with ghosts. Pink was appearing on the Australian 2DayFM radio show co-hosted by Jackie O, who also agrees her own daughter has a similar talent.

Just a case of a baby’s active imagination, or have these moms realized something stranger? According to Pink, Willow sees spirits “all the time.” She added, “…it’s true, I think they can totally see spirits and Willow has been trying to hand her cookie to something that she laughs at right in front of her face for six months.”

Who knows what goes on inside the minds of babies, who will laugh and smile at just about anything!… Continue reading