Dean Cain is A Single Dad


Lois & Clark star, Dean Cain, is a Superdad!  He says that raising his 14 year old son on his own has been his greatest and toughest role yet. 

Cain tells People Magazine, that his son is his favorite person on the whole planet and they share a special bond.  Dean has sole custody of Christopher, 14.

Cain says that stability-wise this is what is best for his son.  Though he says it can be difficult shuffling from work on a set to PTA meetings and field trips.  “I’ve learned to make the decisions that put him first”, Dean added to the magazine.… Continue reading


Daphne Oz Exclaims Practice Does Not make Perfect


TV Host, Daphne Oz, says that motherhood is so much harder than she imagined.  She told The Bump Magazine, “You just care so much, and want everything to be perfect.  Even though you know it never can be, you keep trying your best.  It’s never enough.”

Daphne welcomed daughter Philomena Bijou in February and admits all the books in the world can’t completely prepare you for life with a baby.

She said Motherhood is not something you can learn from a distance.  You need to jump in headfirst and get your hands dirty.  She says that you have not lived until you’ve been pooped, peed or barfed on by your own child.  And, oddly, it is not that gross.… Continue reading


Chocolatier Jacques Torres Has Baby on The way


Famed chocolatier Jacques Torres and his confectioner wife Hasty have a sweet announcement to make.  The couple is expecting their first child.

The pastry chef and judge of the TLC show, Next Great Baker, broke the news in his typical food-focused way.  Mr. Chocolate made the announcement to People magazine, “We’ve been testing recipes for a while, but perfection takes time.  And with perseverance comes reward, our little Sous Chef in the making will make its debut in 2015.”

The couple has even designed a mini cook’s coat for their little bundle of joy.… Continue reading


Susan Sarandon is a Grandmother


Susan Sarandon is now a Grandmother- but do not call her by that name.  She plans to be called “Honey” and spoil the baby completely.

Actress, Eva Amurri Martino, and NBC Sports Analyst, Kyle Martino, welcomed their first child.  Daughter, Marlowe Mae Martino was born on Saturday, August 9 weighing in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces.

The couple’s rep announced that the baby was healthy and “Both she and her husband are thrilled and enjoying the new addition to their family.”

Eva tweeted, “What a weekend!… Continue reading


Ali Larter Expecting Second Child

Ali Larter and husband Hayes MacArthur bring are spotted arriving at a Pregnancy Awareness Month event with their baby son Theodore

The Legends star, Ali Larter, and her husband, Hayes MacArthur, are expecting their second child.  Ali made the announcement on the Tonight Show.  Host Jimmy Fallon leaned down to Larter’s belly and said, “ Hey Buddy!  I can’t wait to meet you!  We’re going to be friends.”

She also said that she has been trying to hide the pregnancy as much as you can.  Ali said that it is really scary in the beginning.  When you are in the public eye, you need to be covert and do all you can to hide the growing bump.… Continue reading


Megan Fox and Her Two Boys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star, Megan Fox, and her actor husband, Brian Austin Green, are adjusting to brotherly love.  The couple had accurately guessed that it would take a while for Noah, 22 months old, to warm up to his little brother, Bodhi Ransom, 6 months old.

Megan told People Magazine, “Half the time he is excited, he wants to stroke his head and help feed him- then the other half of the time he tries to smother him.”

She added that there is not a whole lot of bonding, but they took their first nap together today.  The proud mom shared, “They were sleeping in the same position”.… Continue reading


Justin Moore Welcomes Daughter


Country singer, Justin Moore, and his wife Kate welcomed their third daughter on Monday, July 14.  The couple released a statement, “We’re very excited to welcome Rebecca Klein Moore into the world.  Both mom and Klein are healthy.”

The baby was named after her paternal great-grandmother, but will go by her middle name.  She joins big sisters Kennedy Faye, 2, and Ella Kole, 4.  She weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 19 inches long.

Justin thanked all his well wishers via twitter.  He said the baby was perfect just like her mother and sisters.… Continue reading


Bachelor Star Renee Oteri Expecting Second Child


 Bachelor star, Renee Oteri, and her husband, Bracy Maynard, are expecting their first child together.  She is just over 3 months pregnant and is due January 19, 2015.

Renee told People Magazine, “We’re so excited.  Bracy is already paranoid- always checking in and making sure I’m okay.  He’s in dad mode.”

Oteri has had a smooth pregnancy thus far.  She has not had any morning sickness and is feeling good.  The over the moon mom can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby.  They will need to wait a little longer as the baby would not sit still during the appointment.… Continue reading


Alicia Keys Expecting Second Child


Singer, Alicia Keys, and husband, Swizz Beatz, are expecting their second child.  Keys made the announcement by Tweeting, “Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.  And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way.  You make me happier than I have ever known!  Here’s to many many more years of the best parts of my life!”

The baby will join big brother, Egypt Daoud Dean, 3.

Reflecting on motherhood, Alicia said, “Being a parent has made me more open, more connected to myself, more happy, and more creative.  It’s just made me a better person all the way around.”

She says that parenthood just feels natural.  She feels great about how easily she has fallen into the role of motherhood.… Continue reading


Sarah Drew Expecting Second Child


 Grey’s Anatomy star, Sarah Drew, is expecting her second child with husband, Peter Lanfer.  The new baby is due in December and joins big brother Micah Emmanuel, 2.  Drew told People Magazine, “We can’t wait to introduce Micah to his little brother or sister.”

Sarah has said that her son makes motherhood look easy because he is incredibly sweet and funny and such a good boy.  She explained that he is a lot easier than most toddlers and said she was very, very lucky.… Continue reading