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Tracy Morgan & Fiancée Expecting

Tracy Morgan might be mourning the end of “30 Rock,” which just aired its last episode on Jan. 31, but he’s got plenty of other news to be happy about. The comedian recently announced that he and his fiancée, Megan Wollover, are expecting their first child together this summer!

Morgan already has three children from his previous relationship with his ex-wife. Together they share three adult sons, which may be why Morgan said he hopes to have a daughter some day.… Continue reading


Jane Krakowski’s Son Introduced to Santa & He’s Not a Fan!

One of the obligatory holiday traditions is a with Santa—and for some kids, that’s the worst part of the Christmas season. Jane Krakowski and her son, Bennett, can vouch for that! The “30 Rock” mom told People, “We have the classic screaming by the Santa Claus photo. I love it.”

This was Bennett’s first formal introduction to Mr. Claus. Maybe after a couple Christmas mornings, he won’t mind it so much. At just a little over 1 ½ years old, he’s still working on getting the holidays down!… Continue reading