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Kristin Cavallari on Breastfeeding Camden Jack

The breastfeeding debate is a hot topic among moms and health professionals worldwide. Stating that formula-fed babies miss out on nutrients and benefits breastfed babies receive, it’s not uncommon for parents who favor formula to be scrutinized. Celeb mom Kristin Cavallari breastfed her son, Camden Jack, until she recently made a switch—and it wasn’t to formula. 

Cavallari has spoken frequently about how much she loves being a new mom. During an interview with HollywoodLife.com, Cavallari described motherhood as “the best thing in the world.” She also revealed that she plans on having more children, though she isn’t in a rush to get pregnant again.… Continue reading


What are Kristin Cavallari’s Family Plans?

We’ve welcomed so many new celebrity babies over the past few months, it’s getting difficult to keep up. Snooki, Tori Spelling, Melissa Joan Hart and the Witherspoon/Barrymore additions just last week! We’re revisiting a recent mom instead of delivering new baby news, and she hasn’t been a mom for long.

Kristin and her fiancé, Jay Cutler, welcomed their son, Camden Jack, on Aug. 8. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago—and it really wasn’t. But Kristin is already saying she would like to have another baby, and she would like to do it soon.… Continue reading


Kristin Cavallari Finally Has Baby!

He’s here! Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have finally welcomed their first child together. The happy new parents named their son Camden Jack Cutler.

Kristin’s Twitter has been an outlet for her during her pregnancy, with bump photo updates, her favorite maternity wear, and how good of a job her fiancé was doing taking care of her when she felt too pregnant to move! So of course, the ecstatic mom tweeted the official news of her son being born. “We are thrilled to welcome Camden Jack Cutler into the world.… Continue reading


Kristin Cavallari’s Bump is Taking Over

Kristin Cavallari looks like she’s almost ready to pop. The reality star turned soon-to-be mom announced she was pregnant back in January, and as one Twitter user recently said to her, it seems like she’s been pregnant forever. “Tell me about it!” was Cavallari’s fitting response. Guess she really would know best!

Cavallari and her Chicago Bears quarterback fiancé, Jay Cutler, are expecting a baby boy that should be due any time now. The couple originally didn’t intend on publicly sharing the sex of their baby, but Bears teammate Earl Bennett must have missed that memo.… Continue reading


McConaughey and Cavallari Twitter Updates!










What did people do before Twitter? It’s scary to think about. Matthew McConaughey and Kristin Cavallari tweeted to their baby-excited heart’s content this week, and you bet we were watching!

The Magic Mike actor made a Fourth of July post wishing America a happy birthday, and snuck in the announcement that he and his wife, Camila, are expecting their third child together. Must have been an extra special Independence Day for them!… Continue reading