Gel stamping is an infinitely exquisite nail art that every manicure lover would want to try. Unfortunately, the polishes that could have been used to produce the desired degree of creativity have not been available. Getting stamping polish from even the world’s leading brands like SNS, Kiara sky, DND, or even OPI dipping powder has been an intolerable hustle. Thanks to the modern inventions, nail polish brands are beginning to produce and deliver the needed polish massively. Suffice it to say; they are now available even in unique forms like the OPI powder colors, among others.

There before, getting your nails perfectly stamped was a real hustle. First, you had to introduce a gel base color to your nails and then use the regular stamping polish to stamp nails. The process was completed by applying a top coat to seal the stamps. The resultant look was exquisite, but the coats were not durable because the fast weakening non-UV coat jeopardized the gel’s durability.

The functionality of a typical stamping polish is different from that of nail stamping gel. First, you need to cure your stamping image in the same manner as a regular gel. You will also have to slow down when working with nail stamping gel, or otherwise, it will not air dry. All you need is enough scraping time for the plates. Moreover, you will need a nail brush to apply it because its consistency can be compared to acrylic or builder gel. Also, make sure that you have minimal exposure to UV light when treating the plates. If possible, use hand protection because the FDA recommends them.

There is a hoard of typical stamping polishes out there, but the modern gel polishes make gel nails look unique, easy to stamp, and long-lasting. The number of gel brands with stamping options is still limited, but we have compiled a list of best gel stamping polishes that you can find in the market whenever you feel like gel stamping your nails.

Moyra Nail Stamping Gel

Despite being a new gel stamping product, its consistency is equivalent to that of a standard stamping product. Therefore, there are no complicated steps involved in stamping the nails using gel polish. Furthermore, there are no special brushes or a lot of cleaning needed because Moyra uses a nail polish brush. The brand has only a handful of colors like red, green, grey, white, and black, but more colors will soon be available in the market. The product has a white that is crisp over black. Its pigmentation and opacity are great even though they cannot match those of the thicker brands. Even so, they always get the job done.

Prenatal care is an integral part of staying healthy during the time of pregnancy. What a mother eats is during her pregnancy is her baby’s primary source of nutrition and nourishment. It is recommended by experts that every pregnant woman should follow a strict diet, including a variety of healthy food, beverages, vitamins, protein powders to promote the growth and development of the baby. The vitamins play a crucial part in preventing any kind of congenital disabilities in the baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Vitamins and Protein Powders for Pregnancy

Vitamins and Their Benefits

Vitamins and minerals play an essential role during pregnancy. It’s vital to know what each vitamin does and how much is safe to consume without having any negative impact on health. The best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy are listed below:

Vitamin B6 – It helps in the development of the brain and the immune system. Vitamin B6 also reduces nausea and vomiting.

Vitamin D – This vitamin boosts the growth of bones & skin of the baby, plays a significant role in the development of proper eyesight.

Folic Acid – Regular consumption of 400-600 gms of folic acid is mandatory for every woman who is expecting. Folic acid is essential for the production of red blood cells and helps to form the neural tube into the baby’s brain and spinal cord. As it is challenging to get folic acid just from food alone, it’s essential to have it in a supplementary form.

Regardless of how much you would want to not lose your hair, at one point, you will suffer from hair loss. It could be because of old age, genes, hormones, or other external factors. Fortunately, we are living in a modern era where there is an abundance of solutions that are available for hair loss and hair growth, including laser devices.

Laser Hair Growth Device

In the rest of this post, I will help you to choose the best laser hair growth device. I will identify some of the top picks that are available and briefly discuss some of the reasons why they are notable. To make this article more valuable, I will also tackle how a laser device works and the essential considerations in finding the best one.

How Does Laser Help Grow Hair?

These devices make use of low-level laser therapy, which is a painless and non-invasive treatment procedure. Depending on the product that will be used, the process can be performed even at home and in the absence of an intervention from a medical professional. It will provide stimulation to the follicles, allowing it to grow longer and thicker hair.

A low-level light therapy device has the ability to produce only five milliwatts. This is a small amount, and hence, it is incapable of producing heat upon making contact on the skin. This is as against the traditional lasers that are more powerful, and hence, they can easily become hot.

Toenail Fungus develops on the skin and the keratin region of the toe. Keratin is the primary component of the hair and nails. This fungus grows underneath the nail. Because of the fungal growth, the toenail grows out with a yellowish, white, or brownish looking color. The toenail will typically thicken, becomes hard and brittle, and fall off.


Environmental Conditions That Can Cause Toenail Fungus

What environment are most people subject to fungus conditions? Showers, locker rooms, swimming pools, and soaking bathtubs are commonly found places of fungus conditions. Virtually fungus conditions can survive in any damp, humid, environment. People with health issues of diabetes, heart issues, blood circulatory, or immunity health concerns are more susceptible to nail fungus infections.

Unfortunately, toenail fungus treatment may take weeks or sometimes even months to treat. When dealing with toenail fungus, it is best to have all available information needed so the podiatrist can treat the toenail fungus effectively. First, a thorough physical exam is imperative for effective toenail fungus treatment. Usually, lab tests are performed by harvesting a sample of the infected toenail. Lab tests will determine if the fungus infection is of fungus, mold, or yeast type toenail infections. After results of the lab tests, the doctor can determine the most effective method of treatment.

Side Sleeper Pillows Side Sleeper Pillows

There’s an easy way to tell if it’s time for a new pillow. Fold it in half and watch what happens when you let go of it. If it doesn’t snap back into shape, it’s time to go shopping.

Side Sleeper Pillows

Don’t put off buying new bedding. How well you sleep affects your life every day. And the right pillow is essential when you’re a side sleeper. The wrong kind leads to neck and shoulder pain in the morning. But if you have a pillow that’s firm enough with plenty of loft, you’ll sleep better.

The best pillows for side sleepers fit in the curve between your shoulder and ear so that your spine is relaxed in a straight line. You may find that those with a gusseted edge are more supportive because they don’t crush as easily.

Latex and memory foam pillows are very popular among side sleepers because they offer good support and don’t need fluffing during the night. But if you have allergies, it’s smart to research your options first. Not every material is safe for sensitive skin.

Prior to my journey to the Cayman Islands a few days ago, I decided to give SNS Dipping Powder a trial. This polish wasn’t a new one but it is new to me and I have been told it is a big deal in the south.

Dip powder nails

What motivated me to attempt it was the procedure and that it is a safer option to gel polishes and it does not require a UV light. I’ve heard people say it strengthens your nails and that you can wear it for as long as a month. As long as I can have it on for almost 2 weeks, then I am a fan. It is usually by that time that I go out to change my looks or have my nails redone.