Neal McDonough and Wife Ruvé – Fourth Child!

Neal McDonough and wife Ruvé welcomed their fourth child this past Monday, August 15th. Clover Elizabeth was born in Los Angeles, and the 45 year old McDonough states, “Ruvé gave birth to a beauty! 8½ lbs. and 21 inches with thick dark hair like her gorgeous Mommy…Ruvé is recovering well — we are so blessed.”

The actor also explains the reasoning behind the name they chose for the little girl. Son Morgan Patrick, now 5 ½, suggested the newborn’s name, which was inspired by a “lucky” four-leaf clover. McDonough further explains, “It has four leaves and this is our fourth child. Clover signifies good luck — I’m Irish and Ruvé’s favorite color is green.”

Clover Elizabeth was also no exception for a special birth place. She was born at the Good Samaritan Hospital where all of their children were born. McDonough also serves as a celebrity chairperson for the hospital.