All you need to know about dip powder nails

Prior to my journey to the Cayman Islands a few days ago, I decided to give SNS Dipping Powder a trial. This polish wasn’t a new one but it is new to me and I have been told it is a big deal in the south.

Dip powder nails

What motivated me to attempt it was the procedure and that it is a safer option to gel polishes and it does not require a UV light. I’ve heard people say it strengthens your nails and that you can wear it for as long as a month. As long as I can have it on for almost 2 weeks, then I am a fan. It is usually by that time that I go out to change my looks or have my nails redone.

I found a salon close me that I can visit to have the sns powder application. I had known about this salon a while back from somebody who had a lot to say about them, and also that they offer eyebrow microblading (which I am also interested in). When I got there, I was told they have been offering LDS Nails for about 8 years. I wondered how I could not have known this for that long, and how other nearby salons didn’t offer it?

I was astounded at the variety of colours available for this system. I told the nail tech that I wanted soft pink and she recommended #397. She said it was a popular shade and that it would look good on me.

After all the prep activities like buffing, nail filing, trimming and pushing back the cuticles, we were finally ready to get to the real deal. I was told to wash my hands, nails with water and cleanser, and was given a nailbrush. After the base coat application, I was asked to dip one finger into the jar containing pink powder. The excess was removed by simply tapping the bottom of the finger. We kept doing this until all the fingers on one of my hands were completed.

Diping powder was applied on the nails shortly after the second base coat was applied and then we moved to the second hand. We allowed them to dry off for a few minutes and then, the nail tech buffed each nail and I was asked to wash my hand again. The procedure was finished with a clear top coat. Once more, only a couple of minutes to dry and they were totally hard and dry.

I adored the look and feel. For almost 2 years now, I’ve been wearing Jamberry nail and can’t say enough in regards to how awesome they are however I’m generally interested in trying out new trends.

The durability verdict? on day no 6, small chips began to appear on my middle finger and thumb. Truly, I was on vacation and my hands were exposed to a lot of salt water and sand. The chips didn’t spread and whatever is left of the nail trim looked awesome. There was some slight blurring of the pink subsequent to being in the sun for a few days, yet it didn’t trouble me because this was a common thing for most gels and LDS powder nails.

Have you tried dip powder in the salon or at home? And if you haven’t, would you try it out? Let us know what you think in the comments section.. On the 10th day, I finally decided to remove them from my nails but I was certain the manicure would have lasted a little longer.