Turning 60 During a Pandemic

Last week, I turned 60.

Maybe in numerous times, I would be upset by the truth that most my entire life is over. However, in the course of the pandemic and civil unrest, this landmark birthday appears like a minor thing.

Instead, this turning point in playing seems like the best time to reflect and count my blessings. As they say, not every person gets being 60 along with that I am thankful. Because I’m older, I know you’ll find simple reasons why you should appreciate on a daily basis of life – even in this COVID outbreak.

Like what, nicely ask?

After a record-breaking summer of heat with 146 times 100-plus temperatures this current year, fall finally visited the California desert where I live. Last week, my husband and I sat outside on our courtyard. Mars shone brightly above us. We enjoyed a barbecued steak dinner and heard romantic music.

These include the things that bring me joy.

Because with the pandemic, I essentially missed my youngest grandchild, Paige’s second year of life. She thinks I live in a telephone. Last week, we called my youngest son, Christopher, with his fantastic wife, Johnni, and I sounded upset. Paige grabbed the device and looked over me back with her big blue eyes and asked, “What happened, Grandma?” She checked out me seriously, like she was desirous to listen, and intensely cared. And she’s two. My heart swelled.

These would be the things that bring me joy.

Throughout this pandemic, my pals have dropped off small homemade gifts, sent flowers and cards, and provided all-important support and love. My family lives down the street and always employ a listening ear, able to help me at all. My other grandchildren tolerate me in addition to my oldest son, Jonathan, so thankfully I’m not lacking their company with this pandemic. My 9-year-old granddaughter, River, proudly showed me how she’s finding out how to skate with your ex new teal roller skates and matching helmet. She described how she could only wear clothes that match. My 11-year-old grandson, Rowan, couldn’t wait to exhibit me his acidic tomatoes and a playground he intended for his two parakeets created outside of sticks and also other homemade materials.

These will be the things that bring me joy.

So, this is actually the thing. Once you stop working on the fact that life’s passing by faster than you ever imagined and lamenting those extra wrinkles – you’ll find many good reasons to be happy you’re 60 years old. Although this is a huge difficult year in lots of ways, I hunt for ways to relax, trust in God, while keeping focused on the positive.

After all, at 60, I really know what matters. I truly know the importance of my spiritual needs, relationships, my health, and being compassionate. I have weathered storms and be aware that I’ll survive. I appreciate a fantastic laugh. I understand my priorities. I am more confident and feel comfortable inside my own skin. I actually wasn’t born yesterday and possess gained some invaluable wisdom as you go along.

Besides, turning 60 is sorta liberating.

Last week, I was sitting around my courtyard with classic 60s music blaring within my earbuds. Let’s face it, I was rocking out – I mean strong with arms swinging above my head – with my eyes closed. Okay, so maybe I had a drop of vino and, incidentally, I really like to enjoy dancing. Suddenly, I heard a noise in the gate and opened my eyes. It was the UPS man delivering a package using a huge grin on his face.

In my younger years, I would have ended of embarrassment. But you understand what? I didn’t even care. He left the package and I closed my eyes and rocked on.

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