Emily Deschanel

Bones actress, Emily Deschanel has recently become the proud mommy of a new baby boy. She and husband David Hornsby welcomed their first child, Henry, on Wednesday, September 21st. A representative for Deschanel told Peoplemagazine that both mother and baby are believed to be doing well.

The 34-year old actress and television producer who plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan in the comedy-crime drama, Bones, has grown to be a fan favorite. Not only does she play this role exceptionally well, her husband seems quite happy, too! The couple wed last September in Los Angeles, California. You might have seen her hubby recently in episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where David Hornsby is better known as Cricket.

Only a few short months after the wedding, David and Emily announced that they were expecting. This summer, Deschanel explained her pregnancy by stating, “…I’m in awe of the process and the science. And seeing my belly move is pretty amazing; it’s like in the movie Alien.”